iLoveBag produces the very finest lookalike designer products available anywhere.

We pride ourselves on our products, our customer service and our reputation. But it’s taken us more than a decade to reach this level, where we’re widely recognized as the world’s leading producer and retailer of luxury replicas. We’re well-known for our replica goods, such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, Rolex, Cartier, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our products are not authentic, however we only sell the best mirror-image replicas available in the world. All our products are top original quality and 1:1 mirror-image quality. We have established ourself as the best replica dealer to date.

If the item that you’re looking for is not posted on our websites and albums, please contact us so that we can help you with it! To facilitate your inquiry, please kindly send us the model name and model number of the product you’re looking for. If possible, please send us the picture of the items you wish to enquire.

This is a question we are often asked at LuxuryDeals replicas and we would like to clear up any misconceptions about the payment methods we accept and don’t accept, and the reason.

We used to be able to accept Credit Cards and PayPal but since 2019 our websites have been identified for the violation of intellectual property rights, so we have to forced to stop accepting them as our credit card processing account were closed down.

If the banks or Paypal would allow us to use them as a payment processor we would love to accept Paypal and credit cards as it would make running our business much easier. We know it is easy for our clients to use and secure. But unfortunately the banks and Paypal does not work with replica sellers. This is because brand name companies (e.g. Louis Vuitton, Chanel etc.) will sue them and fine them for processing payments for replica products. As a result we cannot accept payments directly with your debit/credit cards or Paypal. To make it clear – it is not because we do not want you to have a secure transaction, but it is because we are replica sellers and we are not allowed to use them.

Secondly, a similar issue occurs with credit card processors. They will also be fined if they process payments for replica products. We know that our payment method are not ideal payment methods and are always looking for better payment methods (including ways to accept credit cards) to offer our clients. We hope to make it clear that your comfortability & security as a valued customer concern us and we are always trying to make it more easy to shop with us.

Thirdly, we understand that there are many scams online and that it is difficult to shop online especially for something like a replica product, but we treat our clients money like our money and this is why our business is successful. If you are worried of our company’s reputation and reputability, you can do a google search for “LuxuryDeals Replicas review” and you can find many reviews by past customers on many 3rd party review platform websites.

We do not push any client to buy as we already receive a high volume of orders – if you do not trust us that is fine and we don’t want you to feel uncomfortable buying from us. If you are wary of sending a large amount of money we suggest you start with a smaller cheaper item and once you verify our quality you will definitely be back for more like our other clients. If you still feel wary then please remember shopping with us is your choice, and we want you to be 100% comfortable before buying.

Read below to see what payment methods we do accept and how to pay with them.

We do drop-ship, we will ship to any country you want us to. Please contact us for more information.

Yes we do. When we have received your payment, we will get our factory to produce your order. Upon receiving your order from our factory, we will inspect it personally, and if it passes our QC (quality control) check we will send you QC pictures of your order for you to approve or disapprove. Typically it takes is about 1-3 working days to get your item/s and thoroughly QC and send you QC pics, at that point shipping can take about 7-14 working days.Please bear in mind that these are approximate time-frames, as if we receive an item that doesn’t pass our QC we have to send it back and get a perfect one. We refuse to send out anything less than perfect, so we just wanted to say that in the event that this does happen and we can’t stick to our ETAs mentioned above. ?After you’ve approved the QC, we will proceed to shipping your order out. If you disapprove your order (please tell us why) we will return your order and get our factory to reproduce a new product for you.

iLoveBag supports many third party sellers that purchase wholesale from us and run their own successful businesses. We can provide wholesale pricing upon request. Please contact us here to enquire regarding working together and wholesale.

iLoveBag supports many third party sellers that purchase wholesale from us and run their own successful businesses. We can provide wholesale pricing upon request. Please contact us here to enquire regarding working together and wholesale.

Our replica products are guaranteed to be 100% made of real leather. The leather is imported to match that of the original brand. We use a range of leathers depending on what is used for the authentic product by the brand designer.

No, our replica products only comes with dust bag, authentication cards, and pamphlets. Not all brands have tags/pamphlets, so we only send the items you can expect with the original. However, we do ship small wallets and belts with brand box. If you’ll like to have a box with your bags, we will have to ship it separately and there will be an additional cost of USD $35 to ship the box separately. It is not safe to ship the bags with the brand box as it will most likely be seized by the customs, or you will be heavily taxed according to the product’s authentic value tax.

Yes, all our original quality replica products will have serial number stamped inside if the authentic product have a serial number.

You can login to your account or track your order

When you add a product to your shopping cart and you checkout, you will be taken to a payment page where you will select which payment method you’d like to use. At this point, we receive your order and we will do a stock check of your order, to ensure your order is in stock before you pay.If we verify your order is in stock, we will send you payment instructions to your email address to pay for your order. If you order is out of stock, you will be emailed informing you so. This ensures that you never pay unless your order is in stock.

Please take a photo of the item and contact us with a description of the damage. Upon inspection of the photo you will be advised to print and fill out the return form, and return it along with the damaged item.We will ship a new replacement once we’ve received the return for the damaged item.

Yes, we have a 128 bit encryption Secured Socket Layer (SSL) technology to ensure the security of your online purchase. We are secured by Let’s Encrypt.You can read more regarding our privacy policy, and payment security.

Debit/Credit Cards: We accept the following major credit and debit cards: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover. Payment is taken at the time of the transaction on all credit and debit card payments.

1. TransferWise

2. Paysend

3. Remitly

We sell only two grade quality: best original quality replicas and 1:1 mirror quality replicas. These are the best replicas available in the replica market. Unlike other sellers, we produce our own replica products with our own factory partner. We purchase genuine authentic designer products (bags/belts/shoes/wallets/etc) from their original boutique so that our factory can replicate the perfect original replicas and  1:1 mirror replica. It cannot get any better, the next better would be the original product itself. We work with the factory side by side to produce 1:1 mirror  replica quality. Our lushentic grade replicas feel, look, weigh and smell so identical to the authentic that most of our replicas can and do pass authenticity checks. No other website/seller can claim this.